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Let Us Provide Your Snore Appliance

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There are several appliances that are made using our state of the art dental labs. The doctor will determine which appliance will be the most effective approach in treating your sleep apnea.

  • Respire Blue Series

    Respire Blue Series
  • Respire Pink Series

    Respire Pink Series
  • TAP1

  • TAP II

    TAP II

  • The EMA

    The EMA
  • The Silent Nite

    The Silent Nite
  • The Silencer Professional

    The Silencer Professional
  • The SomnoMed MAS

    The SomnoMed MAS
  • The Moses Appliance

    The Moses Appliance
  • The Norad

    The Norad
  • The Klearway

    The Klearway
  • Suad

  • The Oasys

    The Oasys
  • PM Positioner

    PM Positioner
  • APM Ultra

    APM Ultra
  • The Full Breath Solution

    The Full Breath Solution
Snore Appliances

All people who snore do not have sleep apnea, but all people with sleep apnea do snore. Here are a few appliances that treat snoring only.

  • Snore Appliance

    Snore Appliance
  • Snore Guard

    Snore Guard

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